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Amma's 2014 UK Visit

Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 October

Venue: Alexandra Palace, London N22 7AP

Free Programmes

The programme is free and open to all. To get an embrace from Amma (darshan), you will need a token. Free tokens will be issued 1 hours before the start of each programme on a first come first served basis. Tokens are limited so please arrive early. Guard your token carefully as a replacement will not be possible. Full details of Amma's visit to London can be found in the Programme Guide here.

Monday 27th October (evening only) 7:30pm Spiritual Talk, Devotional Singing, followed by Darshan. Darshan tokens are only available at 6:15pm

Tuesday 28th October (all day programme) 11am Meditation, followed by Darshan throughout the day and into the evening. Tokens available at 9:45am

Wednesday 29th October (two programmes) 10am Meditation. Darshan Tokens available at 8:45am. 7pm Puja, Meditation. Late Darshan Tokens and seating at 5:45pm.
Devi Bhava - A celebration and prayer for world peace and darshan throughout the nightDelicious vegetarian meals and snacks, books and other items will be for sale. Relaxing massages and Ayurveda consultations will be offered. Despite the late hours, we request that out of respect, people refrain from sleeping in the hall. A children's corner and cloakroom are available.

Car Share For details of car sharing to and from the event, visit: Donations towards Amma's humanitarian projects are welcome. All proceeds go to Amma's charities.

For more information please download the letter and leaflet below.
- Download the Mailout letter here (PDF)
- Download the Visit Leaflet here (PDF)
If you would like to receive multiple copies for distribution in your area, please contact Dayakaran

Car Pool to Alexandra Palace

Car Pooling is one of the key elements of Amma's InDeed Campaign for Nature, so why not car pool your journey to Amma's visit to Alexandra Palace, either offering a lift or requesting one. It couldn't be easier. GoCarShare have created a page especially for those going to London to see Amma with the dates and location pre-set, and this then helps you find others who are not only going exactly to Alexandra Palace, but clearly are also wanting to see Amma.

So anyone going to Amma and happy to offer a lift, and get some help with petrol money, put your details on there as soon as you can. If you want a lift then put in a request. In either case it is probably worth checking the site from time to time in case there is an offer or request you can pick up with.

Meeting Amma

Amma meets each person; embracing, comforting, consoling and uplifting thousands of people day after day. Amma’s love is unconditional, regardless of belief, or reason for coming. Many come to hear her speak, hear her unique devotional singing or simply be in her presence. See About Amma page for more information.

Please note: No video, photos or recording of any kind are allowed in the venue.

See for world tour and for European tour info.

Amma gives darshan

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