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Amma's Mobile Temple on Tour

Future tour details will be posted here..


Amma's Temple at Glastonbury Festival 2015

Amma's Temple at the Glastonbury FestivalThe Amma Temple is becoming something of a regular feature of the Healing Fields at Glastonbury Festival. Starting the day with 108 names and Bhajans and the same in the afternoon, our beautiful temple was supported by some amazing musicians and Kirtan singers. The temple was often a sanctuary for other healing field therapists to connect in to themselves before their days work.

Amma's Temple at Glastonbury Festival 2015

The occasional visitor would come in too, but most seemed a little shy, preferring to listen at the entrance and read the information boards we provide on Amma outside. They were also able to experience massage and other therapies we provided. Our temple felt very loved and needed by both festival crew and visitor alike, and I felt very blessed to be part of this. — Acchara Clare Mulligan

Amma's Temple at Glastonbury Festival 2014: Report

Amma's Temple at Glastonbury Festival 2014

The Healing Fields at Glastonbury festival have long been a place of tranquility and peace. A place to meditate, have a massage or simply relax and take time out from the craziness that a gathering of over 120 thousand people gives rise to. And in the heart of the healing fields lies the Amma Temple.

Twice daily our beautiful temple vibrated to the sound of the 108 names and full power Kirtan. With the help of some amazing musicians and Kirtan singers, the temple aroused much interest from passing festival goers who would listen to the sounds of devotion emanating from the space. Many had never heard of our beloved Amma and it was such a heart warming experience to be able to share with people our own stories and experiences.

Perhaps a blessed few will even join the festivities at Alexandra Palace this year, the spark of interest to begin a search for something deeper having been aroused … If this be the case for only one of those 120,000 then I feel our seva over those days was so very worthwhile. – Clare Mulligan

SUNRISE, Somerset 2013

I was asked to bring Amma and Her teachings to the Temple of Unity at Sunrise Festival in Somerset . We created an Altar of Living Teachers with Amma as centre stage and held daily Amma Satsangs where we chanted the 108 names, sang bhajans and talked about Amma, Her teachings and inspiring service. Many people joined in and look forward to meeting Her at the London programme in October. VANDITA



It was a truly glorious week in June at Worthy Farm, Pilton. The sun shone as happy people opened their hearts, danced, sung and bimbled happily thorough the city sized festival site. The Amma temple, situated in the healing fields away from the chaos of the main stages was a sanctuary of light for both festival goers and Temple staff alike. For many it was the first time they had ever heard of our beloved Amma. The temple provided a beautiful, peaceful space for rest and contemplation. Whether it was simply a moment’s peace in a safe and held environment, a tea break to read a book in our library or an opportunity to learn more about Amma and Her amazing work around the globe, the temple provided for all.

Starting with a morning practice of the 108 names of Amma followed by Bhajans, the Temple was then open for massage and healings offered by Amma devotees and practitioners. Providing healings in such a held space was a beautiful experience for both healers and clients as Amma's presence and grace flowed.

Early evenings began with chanting the peace prayer ‘Lokaha Samastha Sukino Bhavantu’ followed by more bhajans as the sounds of devotion and joy brought inquisitive punters to our temple, interested to feel more of the love that flowed from the space.

What a beautiful opportunity to share our love for Amma with the larger public and sow seeds of joy and peace across the festival site. CLARE

COLOURFEST, Dorset 2013

After Glastonbury Festival, the Mobile Temple headed towards the south coast for Colourfest, a welcome respite after the intensity of Glastonbury Festival. Colourfest was uplifting and conscious, with a varied programme of kirtan, dance and yoga. The Amma Temple became a magnet for the Bhakti crowd as we chanted the 108 names and sang bhajans throughout the day and evening whilst healings took place in the healing tent behind. A lovely team of Amma devotees shared their love of Amma as they talked about their experiences and sang their hearts out. VANDITA

GREEN GATHERING, Chepstow 2013

We had a small Amma temple space and followed a program of chanting in the mornings and early evening. People joined us in our space but what I really enjoyed hearing from others were that they were joining in from their own tent. We were in the Healing Field and often people couldn't leave their stalls but looked forward to hearing us and connected in with us and sang along from where they were. It was lovely to hold the beautiful space in the Amma temple, singing, chanting and spreading love throughout the festival. FAYE

Mobile Temple 2008

Amma Mobile Temple Tour 2013

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