We regret to inform you that Amma's European Tour 2020 is cancelled.

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Dear sisters and brothers,

Om Namah Shivaya. Hope this mail finds you all in the best of health and spirits. It has been a challenging year 2020 with the Corona virus global pandemic, which has affected all the countries in the world, and also different spheres of human life.

We know that Amma’s visit to your country every year is the event that you look forward to with so much eagerness. As the pandemic has not subsided and the numbers are still increasing, we regret to inform you that Amma’s European Tour 2020 will not be happening. Due to the curbs on international travel, gathering of people in a place, and other strict regulations, there is no way that we can go ahead with the tour this Fall.

Amma has been repeatedly mentioning as to how much She is missing being with Her devotees and well-wishers physically, though She is seeing all of you in Her heart all the time. Hope you will keep yourself inspired with reflection on Amma’s teachings and your practices, and will be able to connect with Amma inside. Let us pray that the things return to normalcy soon and Amma can visit your beautiful country like the previous years.

Swami Ramakrishna



Follow Amma's program dates on the Amritapuri website and her visits to cities around the world.

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Meeting Amma is a rare opportunity to be in the presence of one of the most accessible spiritual masters of our time. She offers everyone her darshan - her signature embrace - in sessions which last many hours as well as giving spiritual talks which are down to earth, often humorous and always profound.

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Day programmes start with a meditation led by Amma, followed by darshan - with Amma giving her embrace for several hours to everyone who has a token. Get a token.

Evening programmes include a spiritual talk, devotional singing and music, a guided meditation and then once again, Amma gives her darshan for several hours. There is also a welcome ceremony on the first evening. Please note that whilst you need a token to receive Amma's darshan, you do not need one for the talks, music or meditation.

All are welcome to the programme, which is free of charge. There are various outlets for eating and drinking, including Indian and Western vegetarian. There is also a large range of items for sale including books of Amma's teachings, music, incense and ayurvedic products handmade at Amma's ashram and items of clothing. There is also the opportunity to have a massage by qualified practitioners. All purchases help to raise funds for Amma's charitable network of projects for Embracing the World.



All donations large or small gratefully received.

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There is no need to register for the event, and every Amma programme is free of charge (including parking). However due to the number of people who come to see Amma, there is a token system that ensures everyone who has queued and received a token can meet Amma.

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If you want to receive Amma's darshan (her personal embrace) you must have a token, and be present when tokens are handed out (i.e. you cannot ask someone to get a token for you). We recognise that this can present some logistical issues for some, but it is the fairest system we have to ensure that everyone who queues does receive a token.

The queue for tokens starts approximately two - three hours before tokens are handed out (typically 1.5 hours before the programme starts). Please see the programme schedule for timing. If you have arrived late and all tokens are allocated, it might be possible to receive a timecard which can be exchanged for a token later during the programme. If you do receive a timecard please listen carefully for an announcement  from the stage and on the screens to return to the queuing area to exchange it.

We  request people to be patient while queuing and respectful to our volunteers. It is an excellent opportunity to practise following Amma's example of tireless love and compassion.



Amma's London visit could not take place without the dedication and service of many volunteers from all walks of life. We need people to help out in many areas: Food preparation and serving, Washing Up, Greeting and Stewarding, Cloakroom, Preparing Flowers, as well as more specialised areas such as Drivers, Massage therapists and Electricians. Any service, no matter how little, makes a huge difference to the programme, so please do get in touch!

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Everyone at the programme volunteers their time and effort and this means that more funds can be raised for Amma's charitable projects - so you will be making a difference, not only to the people present at the event, but much further afield as well. Voluntary service also brings its own rewards and many people report an increased closeness to Amma and her work.

If you can commit to several hours during the programme please register in advance on the Registration Form where there is a fuller range of opportunities. For enquiries, email [email protected].

If you would like to help during the time you spend with Amma, even for just a couple of hours, please come to the Seva (Volunteer) Desk when you arrive and we will find something suitable for you.



"The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of this earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible." Amma


We are happy to help visitors with special needs and make every effort to accommodate those in wheelchairs and those who are physically challenged, as well as the elderly.

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If you would like to receive a hug from Amma please arrive at least two hours before the start time of your chosen session to join the token line and let a volunteer know about your concerns.

It's important to join the token line if you are able, as this is the best way to get a token to receive Amma's embrace. If you arrive after the tokens have been distributed please speak with a volunteer and you might be issued a timecard which can be exchanged for a token later on in the programme.



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